Q; At what age can my child/ward join Valley Soccer Academy?
A: At 4 years

Q; Does Valley Soccer Academy accept females?
A: Valley Soccer Academy caters for both boys and girls

Q: How can i volunteer to assist with VSA Operations?
A; VSA is an organization aimed at developing student athletes to make a contribution to society. In the process there are a myriad of expertise that are required to ensure student athletes are happy in a learning environment. These include coaching, lecturing, mentoring, fund raising, operating a concessionary etc. Persons interested in volunteering can contact any VSA Executive Officer during our practice sessions at CCSS.

Q: What is VSA's Motto
A; Building character one goal at a time.

Q: Who is VSA affiliated to?
A; VSA is affiliated to the Castries Football Council, popularly participating in the national district tournaments as Central Castries