About Us

Valley Soccer is a non-profit organization established in 2004 to provide soccer development programs for boys and girls ages ranging from 5 years. The organization’s runs a youth soccer academy and a club, and is committed to assisting individuals in realizing their true potential through innovative and customized soccer training programmes.

Valley Soccer’s management team comprises primarily parents and trained professionals who share the same philosophy i.e. players stand a better chance of learning when practice sessions are pleasant, easily understood, and stimulating. More so, competitions should fit their level of physical and mental competence.

Valley Soccer’s operates out of the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School primarily because its offers all the amenities associated with a first world football academy, i.e. a full size football ground, classrooms and an auditorium for presentations, lectures and meetings, proper toilet facilities and much required security for our members and their personal effects.

Valley Soccer is affiliated to the Castries Football Council and by extension it’s parent body the Saint Lucia Football Association. Valley Soccer is also registered with the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports.