Avian Girard: 2014 DKS in Jamaica

Being chosen to go to Jamaica as one of the three boys for the Digicel Kickstart Clinic was the first time I would be travelling for football, and it was a very big occasion for me. As soon as I landed in Kingston the bus took us to Sabina Park where we would be training and playing our matches for the week. When we arrived we were placed into our teams. There were three teams which were made up by the boys chosen from around the Caribbean. When I arrived there was only one hour of training left for the day, so we played a small sided game and ended the session for the day.

When we went back to the hotel, my team had a meeting because our coach asked us to, so we could talk about what we thought we needed to work on, and the meeting actually went well. The next few days which were Tuesday to Thursday, the coach worked on attacking and defending, preparing us for the games on Friday against the other two teams, and the winner would play Jamaica Under 17 National Team. During those two days the coach made me aware of so many little things I was doing wrong and could make a crucial difference in a game like my movement in the box and my turn with the ball towards goal. When Friday arrived we ended up defeating both teams by large margins and were set to play Jamaica on Saturday. Personally, playing Jamaica was the highlight of the whole experience because I came off the bench to score the winning goal and make my team the champions of the small competition. It was a completely different experience for me, meeting and playing with boys around the Caribbean with different playing styles and different attitudes towards the game, which widened my point of view looking at football.

Avian Girard - DIGICEL Kickstart Selectee