Presentation to Parents/Guardians by Coach Parry: 16 Nov 2014

As promised, Coach Parry held a presentation for parents and guardians on Saturday November 16th 2014 at the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School as a follow up to the general meeting held on the November 01, 2014. While he intended to show a video on parents’ involvement in children’s soccer, he was unable to do so due to technical difficulties with the DVD player.  Instead, Coach Perry made a PowerPoint presentation on Valley Soccer Academy’s curriculum, the training methods employed for the various age groups, and the direct relationship of these training methods to the psychological and physical stages of a child’s development in order to maximize the individual’s all round potential.

Coach Parry emphasized that while Valley Soccer Academy teaches the game of soccer, the Academy tried to ensure that every player is on a level playing board and that each child is assisted along a path of guided self-discovery towards achieving their full potential. While attempting to achieve this, Valley Soccer Academy does not subscribe to the philosophy or practice of winning at any cost. Valley Soccer Academy assist children, especially the younger ones to discover through a solution oriented process of encouraging the child to thinking and question for themselves. In the process, allowing them to arrive at appropriate decisions through positive feedback. With the younger players, especially the Orange Kindergarten/Under 6’s it was important to appreciate play time as a tool. The Academy believes that “proper player development leads to good match performance which leads to victory”.

The matter of the young coaches was explained as a work in progress, honing and developing their abilities by training and shadowing older coaches. In other countries, such as the United States of America, the young high school or college players were the ones utilized to coach the younger children and in so doing not only provided a means of giving back and assisting the skills development of children, but also enhancing their own coaching abilities.

Sustainability is an important consideration for the Valley Soccer Academy. Valley Soccer has established a club for players who have gone through the training over the years and are now in mid to late teens and wished to continue playing the game in a formalized setting. This facilitated continuity of the principle and practices that were being engendered from the under Orange Kindergarten/6’s stage. The club setting also provides an atmosphere for more positive social bonding that appears to be very relevant within the current climate of failing family/community structures and youth crime.

Coach Parry concluded his presentation and discussion by assuring the attendees that at some point within the very near future he would be presenting the video which he was sure would be well received and provides a different perspective on the matter of parents’ involvement in the sport.

NB: This video presentation and discussion on Parenting Youth Soccer is now scheduled for January 10, 2014