Dawn of a New Age?

This past Sunday 12th April Valley Soccer Club (VSC) fielded what is probably the youngest ever lineup in the Castries Football Council (CFC) Club League. Our ‘Orangemen’ had a squad with an average age of 18.38 years!

On the other hand, our opponents Lancer FC fielded a lineup which was full with experienced players. This led to one spectator comically referring to the Lancers starting XI as a team of ‘coaching staff.’

The end result clearly showed the gap in experience between our Orangemen and their opponents as Lancers emerged as 4-1 winners.

There were few positives to take from the game. Apart from some spells of good possession and a goal by fifteen year old debutant Aazah Daniel, our Orangemen had little to celebrate. Instead they’ve come away from the game with several lessons to learn. First of all, their tempo is much too slow to translate their useful possession into dangerous attacking play. Also, their pressing is disjoint and ‘sometimeish’; they need to press as a team with a set plan. Those two main lessons amongst several other minor ones should be taken seriously by VSC if they are to achieve success in this year’s CFC Club League.

‘Potential’ is the best word that would describe this current crop of Orangemen. The team is definitely blessed with a batch of promising youngsters but they have some serious work to do if they are to translate their talents into the success of their recent predecessors.

Submitted by Ronaldo Degazon